Grindr, Tinder... Wingman? / by Pearse Lumb

Since the dawn of apps there has always been a fixation on how easy humans can make it to meet people of sexual attraction and hook up with them. The most popular and probably the most successful is Grinder; an app for gay men to find the nearest and most attractive (subjective) man and have a casual sexual encounter.  The second most popular app is most likely Tinder; similar situation as Grinder but for people of all sexual orientation. It is a little more luck of the draw as you swipe from side to side choosing yes or no and hoping the yes's you've selected randomly select you back. Then comes the highly anticipated, Wingman.

Wingman is probably the most interesting of these types of apps. It is an app that introduces you to people who are on your FLIGHT. Check in, check it out, make a move, and arrive at your destination. The fun lasts as long as your flight but the time sensitive app opens up so many possibilities. Wingman has yet to be released but has already been written about on and video interviewed on Playboy TV. 

Creator Gabe Whaley has already told me that the app faces so many issues among people and their actions and can't wait to see what mischief is to come...

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