Handsome Creepers / by Pearse Lumb

Handsome Creepers is my pet project. It started out as an idea, a way of living and then formed itself into a blog/fashion line. The company was derived from a conversation with a peer which you can read below.  Handsome Creepers definitely makes you think about who you are and what it is that you want.

Girl, "Omg you guys would never believe how creepy this guy was last night"
Group, "Where were you?"
Girl, " I was at a bar and this guy came up to me and asked me where my boyfriend was. I told him I didn't have one and then he asked me who was fucking me then."
Group, "OMG what a pig"
Girl, " I was shocked and told him he's gross and he asked why 
and if he could buy me a drink! I told him of course not"
Me, " He sounds like a creep but did you find him attractive?"
Girl, "No! He was short and ugly!"
Me, " So if he was handsome and started that conversation you 
would have led differently and let him buy you a drink? Even 
though he's still essentially doing the same thing?"
Girl, " Thats different, of course I would let him buy me a 
drink, he is handsome!"
Me, " So you are all about the handsome creepers..."
Handsome Creepers Logo

Handsome Creepers Logo