Treat Yourself / by Pearse Lumb

Everyone loves to treat themselves. Fatties love chocolate, health nuts love juice and yoga and fashion girls love almonds and kale salads. Now, every guy can treat himself with Treats Quality Apparel. 

Treats Quality Apparel is a new company that has reinvented the Hawaiian shirt. They produce a high quality product, made in Los Angeles but don't be fooled. Treats is not some ill fitting, poorly constructed, gender confused American Apparel, made in Los Angeles type of product. They take a look at all details from patterns, to buttons, to stitching. The short sleeved button down shirts look great and can be worn with just about anything. 

Keep an eye out for whats to come next from Treats Quality Apparel. This perfect summer shirt  has me excited and I cant wait to see what the winter brings... maybe long sleeves?

See the shirts below by clicking through the images or see more at @TreatsQA